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I’m a lazy blogger

I sit down in front of the screen my head swimming with Ideas, hands to the keyboard and ….*gone*….. every little thought my mind goes blank oh well I am seriously thinking of moving my other blog here much less to think about there go my dreams of a blog that I don’t mind family coming across one that I might even give them the link to …….. ah bugger it I’ll deal with it later

thanks to magnetoboldtoo for commenting it reminds me that I haven’t written here for a while, I suppose I should update and explain, firstly it probably sounds like public service HR because well I suppose it pretty much is, state rail now known as Railcorp, a government job is a government job by the sounds of it, HR is all the same we did figure it out I am currently on 4 weeks annual leave which will be followed by 18 weeks maternity leave another 4 weeks annual and 3 weeks unpaid, Oh and I have to get a Dr’s certificate to say that I am fit to go back to work. :-S

the ankle, well another 2 weeks of physio and useless phone calls and I’m pretty good still a little stiff but getting more flexible as time goes on. I can almost sit with my legs crossed again without pain

Baby I am getting tired of I don’t know what I will do when its outside but at the moment I don’t think it’s working to well being inside mostly just because I’m uncomfortable

I asked mum to be my backup support person today she didfn’t understand why, I told her about the lady my Midwife had last week who was in labor for 4 days and the Midwife suggested if it takes me that long the boy might want someone to releive him. she dosen’t understand the whole fear of hospital thing and told me if it goes for that long I should be going to hospital she changed her tune when I told her the lady had contractions only every hour not close together ones but regular enough for the Midwife to be there eventually she got sick of it and went to hospital for a drip to speed things up and had a healthy baby. Mum has been against the whole homebirth idea since I told her about it I wish mabel lived closer and wasn’t pg herself I would really appreciate someone who shares my own thoughts and has some experiance in birth to be my support or my cousin wasn’t on her way to bolivia oh well hopefully I won’t need to call her


One thought on “I’m a lazy blogger

  1. Good to hear that the leave is sorted and you are healing.

    Homebirth? Man you are gutsy to go there. Good on you.

    As for your mother, well hey, I know what that is like. You know like when I got hit by the car!

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