I like it

I’m back ….. that means I like it.

I spent some time exploring and playing with features and, well … I like it, now to decide what to do with it, I may move my entire blogging experiance to this site or will I just run with the two blogs and see what they become, I’m sure eventually one of them will die out due to lack of interest on my part or perhaps I can take the other back to its original main topic of food weightloss and fitness that of course will have to wait till baby arrives … only 10 weeks to go, hopefully. 🙂


One thought on “I like it

  1. You can import all your old stuff from other blogs to this one if you want.

    Let me know if you do and I can walk you through it. I was with blogger originally and then switched to WordPress cause I think it is better.

    Like the theme you chose 😉 looks very familiar!

    BTW you can change the header and the bit under Beebeejaybees Life as well. Give me a hoy if you don’t know how and I will give you a hand.

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