By beebeejaybee

hmmm a food and exercise diary

I have been asked by my midwife to fill out a three day food and exercise diary…. it will be dificult not to lie.

today I had
0500 1bowl of porridge
o900 3 biscuits
1230 1 Chicken snitzel swiss cheese and sweet chilli sandwich (silly lady at the shop was supposed to have avacado insted of sweet chilli
1300 fruit salad and yogurt

so far thats it I did about 15 minutes of walking I am thinking tuna and cheese jaffels for dinner even though I really want a Mc Chicken, its too far to walk right now


One thought on “hmmm a food and exercise diary

  1. Wow, you’re brave! I’m too scared to do that. Today it would look like:

    1 slice of toast with vegemite and hard boiled egg
    2 slices of bread with peanut butter
    1 glass of milk
    1 coke spider
    50g Rolo chocolate
    Apricot Chicken & rice for dinner
    Exercise? What exercise?

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