By beebeejaybee

now what happens if you don’t take the yellow ones?

one of my deep dark thoughts which has been keeping me away from here,

after the weekend the boy did the affectionate things that boys do (Ok so he laid on top of me and nibbled an ear TMI?)
I told him I’d missed a magic pill so I had better take it before we start thinking like that, he replied that that’s up to me………….. hmmmmm ……………… so I quizzed him on it turns out that Like me he is starting to worry about getting too old to have/enjoy children and would like to get married and have babies ……….. not necessarily in that order but soon ……………. SO I didn’t take it………………..

now back to the question……………… what happens when you don’t take the yellow ones. For those with no Idea the packet has many yellow pills and 7 or so white ones, the white ones are the ones that you take at TTOM they are pretty much just sugar. anyway the answer……………… stop taking the yellow ones and TTOM happens no matter when you stop. prolly should have checked that one out before I did it, oh well will see how we go.

The boy is insisting that we must start buying things now he is such a worry wort……… this means he wants the Ute sold in the next couple of weeks and a small 4-5 door car bought, OK so I want a smaller car due to cheaper rego he just wants something that a baby seat can be fitted to………………………… then various essential items bought, like child restraint and bassinet , then while we are there we may as well look at the other necessities like nappies. he mentioned something about my ability to procrastinate until its almost too late so while I was planning to do as much OT as possible to pay off the Ute, that loan will more than likely be halved now making it much easier to pay off then OT will go towards other things.

then there was the whole getting married bit, which I mentioned to mum and dad, we(the boy and I) have always discussed simple , nice park, immediate family only, mum and dad had the guest list to 34 without the boys extended family very quickly, they also offered to help out with up to $3000 so how do you tell them to keep things very small, I am aware some people spend in the 10s of thousands so 3 is very small but I was thinking around 16 people. I knew there was a reason people eloped, I’m thinking it’s a pretty good Idea


One thought on “now what happens if you don’t take the yellow ones?

  1. Like wowwwwwwwwwwwwww…..congratulations on the big plans…soooooooo happy for you. Try garage sales for baby gear, got a lot of my grandies gear from there,,,just check all the codes on them to see that they apply to all safety standards.

    Happy days darl…
    Jen xx

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