By beebeejaybee

Happy Birthady to me :-D

yaaay its my Bday to day , mum and dad got me a kitchen set, apron, oven mitts, pot holder, tea towel in Green I’m going to go tomorrow and get a pink one as well so I can still have some available when that one gets washed

My Little brother got a Impact driver (very use full for those of us who can’t undo tight screws) and a swimming costume with matching Bordie’s

Pa Got a little indoor step so that I can reach all of those things that the boy puts on top of the kitchen cupboards

The boy found the most gorgeous frog on a swing

last night we had lamb roast with salads and squashed potatoes and for desert every ones favourite Caramel Dumplings MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there goes WW for this week, one of the boys at word got a cake too


One thought on “Happy Birthady to me :-D

  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    happy Birthday to you….

    I so don’t have a singing voice so I’ll just say it.

    Hope you a FANTASTIC day…..

    Jen xx

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