By beebeejaybee

is saaaad is very sad

Ok whats sad…….. read below post……..

as soon as I can figure it out or they make it an option I will make the days appear in the order that they do but have the times work top to bottom and the person on blogger help group who said just change the time so they go in that order ………… I’M NOT STUPID I already considered that but I would like the actual times of each post to show properly after all it is a written memory and I would like to know sometime in the future that I sat up at 1 in the morning writing letters to the postman which he is never going to get to read GRRRRRRRR……….

sorry ppl and there’s the sad bit I write letters to the postman even though he will never see them, no I would not hug and kiss our new postman he is in too much of a hurry at least the old one would have a little chat and was sorta good to look at, we never see the current one, I’m starting to think the doorbell has stopped working, I’ll have to pull it apart tomorrow….. perhaps some new batteries and a good clean will make it work better or maybe I should go to bed at 12 instead of well after 1 and try to get up before the postman arrives


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