By beebeejaybee

hmmm football

can some one please tell me how long an AFL quarter goes for. Last night they played the final, Sydney swans v Freemantle Dockers??? I think for the first time ever it was on prime time TV, I watched the first quarter and part of the second, by the time I got home from work they were still playing!

anyway I think I could like this game, so far I understand

  • you can be out as much as you like as long as the ball stays in,
  • a goal is 6 points but if you get close you still get 1,
  • you bounce the ball every so many steps
  • try not to be tackled, I don’t know why but its not good

The boy is a big rugby League fan, Parramatta Eels to be exact, to me

  • it’s a field full of boofy lumps of blokes some with cute little bums
  • running head long into each other to take the ball from one end to the other
  • get it on the ground over the line “Try” that’s 4 points
  • after a try you get a free kick at goal that’s 2 points
  • but kick a goal while running and its only 1

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