By beebeejaybee


I did it I diditIdidit, I called them ha haaaaaaaa I actually called someone on the other side of the world to order parts for a bike ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OK so I’m a little shaky and bouncing of the walls, quick someone make me a coffee I’m so excited

For those who have never read My journey into the Unknown one of my biggest fears is talking to strangers or for that matter sometimes people I know on the phone, but as of about 5 mins ago I spoke to a really nice lady in England WoooooHooooooo

I also rang around for parts for my bonnie which didn’t inspire me at all because the bloke didn’t believe that I needed them, I almost went mad at him as I mentioned it has been almost my only form of transport for the last 5 years I forgot to mention it has almost 80,000K’s on the clock that won’t be cheap either but hopefully it will keep the baby working for another 80,000


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