By beebeejaybee


I have finally started to get rid of some crud, I have just listed a few more things that I have been needlessly holding onto on Ebay, I think this weeks theme on Dr Phil and Opra might have gotten to me somewhat, For those who don’t have the chance to or just dont like to watch these shows this weeks theme seems to be Hoarders, thats definitley me I had all sorts of things that I was holding on to “For sentimental reasons” I finally threw a lot of it out today our spare room has gone from this…..

to this….

Ok so there is still a little bit of junk around and you really don’t want to see the lounge room, the keep stuff stull needs sorting but it will all hae its place in the wardrobe I am no longer alowed to clutter, When we get our fancy new house There is only enough storage in the garage for the important things


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