By beebeejaybee

I wish

I called Vodafone today to get my video phone set up, since then I cant Email or surf from my phone I hope it didn’t muck the thing up I hate calling people that I don’t know and asking for things to be fixed how easy would it be to have a special section on their website …. I want this service and that service but I don’t want that or that … tick the boxes wait an hour or so then start using , I really hope that it’s just part of the setup

I wish now that I had a digital video camera I have been looking through blogs with spippets of video in them how well does video show what you want the world to see I’ll have to get a helmet cam as well Philby told me that you can attach remote cameras to digital video cameras and have the recording from that … Awesome. That would be the best way to show the world or for that matter just anyone who is interested the amazing views on the roads I really want to do the Byron trip again the scenery was amazing on the way back but there was nowhere to stop to take a photo but to be able to show the view as I see it … Brilliant


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